In my podcast I interviewed my husband Dan who is a 4th grade teacher at Pennsylvania Avenue School in Atlantic City, New Jersey. In our interview we discussed the technology that he utilizes with his students on a daily basis such as Chrome Books, Google Classroom, and Epic. Dan is fortunate to work in a school district that really values and champions technology in the classroom. It’s integral to their culture and curriculum. We then discussed how the teachers in his district are given the tools and resources to learn these new technologies and also given opportunities to provide feedback. Finally, we talked about virtual field trips and the implications they have on the future of education. Enjoy!

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Phil · March 20, 2019 at 6:18 pm

I enjoyed hearing Dan talk about how he uses EPIC in the classroom. I can really hear and appreciate how that is a real game-changer of a tool because of the way it gives students access to such a massive variety of books and also how, since the book is in a digital format, it saves them the hassle of worrying about a book being checked out from the library.

A related detail that caught my attention was when he explained how EPIC offers a customized reading level. I’m curious about the details of this. Is it an adaptive learning algorithm that dynamically adjusts the more the student works with the tool? For example, when a student first begins using EPIC, does it start him or her with a reading level that is generally associated with a standard 4th grade level and then adjusts to that specific student’s unique reading level? Has Dan seen increases in the students’ reading comprehension since using EPIC?

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